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The Miotech company carefully approaches the choice of partners, because it is the same team, only the external one, with which you regularly work side by side.

Our company is a multi-vendor company and represents different, and even competing partners in its portfolio. This approach was chosen for a reason. When we solve the problems of our customers, we start from their needs. We study the existing difficulties and find the best solution for them. The partnership with each company has its own unique character – we have taken a standard solution from each company and passed it through the prism of our experience and the specifics of the tasks of the central office.

Our partners are divided into two groups – technological and analytical. In the first case, we use the company’s products to solve problems. More information about each of them can be found below or from our specialists. In the second case, these are companies with which consulting and methodological work can be carried out for the customer. This partnership is very valuable for us, as it ensures the exchange of experience and implementation of best practices in the national market.


Recognized world leader in software development for data streaming and business process management

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The world's largest independent developer of enterprise content management (ECM)

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Large international RPA-platform for software process automation. The company is among the absolute leaders in terms of both technological capabilities and the number of implementations

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World leader in standard software solutions for business management, production management, as well as in the field of municipal and regional management

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Международный провайдер электронного документооборота.

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Компания-разработчик решений в области интеллектуальной обработки информации, распознавания текстов и лингвистики.

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