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SAP is a world leader in the area of standard software solutions for business management, production management, as well as in the area of municipal and regional management.

Implementation of such solutions allows increasing the efficiency of interaction between individual employees and organizations as a whole. More than 183 000 clients use SAP solutions and technologies all over the world. Its staff includes 55 000 people in more than 50 countries of the world. At present, three quarters of the companies participating in the Forbes 500 list use SAP solutions. SAP software is used by 85% of the companies whose brands are among the 100 most expensive companies in the world.

The breakthrough product that made the company famous was SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Designed for complex automation of large enterprises, ERP automates procedures that form business processes. For example, if it is a question of fulfillment of a client’s order: acceptance of the order, its placement, shipment from the warehouse, delivery, billing, receipt of payment. When an employee enters a client’s order into the ERP system, he or she has access to all the information necessary to launch the order for execution. Employees working in different departments can see the same information and update it.

Another breakthrough in the company’s development in recent years has been the acquisition of SAP by the American company Sybase. It has accelerated the implementation of SAP technologies for mobile platforms and in-memory technology. The essence of this technology consists in the fact that during calculations the data are loaded directly into the RAM, instead of being stored on the HDD, to which the processor periodically refers.

The result of the synergy effect achieved by the merger of the two companies was the appearance of a promising development in the field of cloud technologies SAP HANA (High Performance Analytical Appliance) – a high-performance analytical software and hardware complex.

Integration of SAP ERP and SAP HANA allows analyzing all processes directly occurring in ERP, bypassing a separate stage of extraction and loading of data on the state of the enterprise. High speed query processing is carried out in HANA thanks to its own database, which is operational in the IMCE (In-Memory Computing Engine) memory.

Thanks to SAP cloud technology, you can study and analyze large data sets almost from any source with the speed of thought, as well as work with information in real time and always stay up to date with what is happening.

Twenty years of successful work in the Russian market is the best proof that SAP technologies can serve as a reliable basis for sustainable development of the enterprise for many years to come. Being a partner of SAP, Miotech helps our clients to build a business that becomes more successful, stable and effectively managed in any market situation.