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UiPath is a major international RPA platform for software process automation. The company is among the absolute leaders in terms of both technological capabilities and the number of implementations.

Advantages of UiPath:

  • Almost unlimited possibilities: support of any types of applications and stable roadmap, allow you to be sure that process automation solutions can be scaled up within the organization.
  • Intuitive interface: easy to understand for business users at various levels.
  • Virtualization support: OCR tools and an easy-to-use interface allow you to work much faster and more efficiently with virtual environments like Citrix, as well as in remote environments
  • Quick return on investment: low cost of the solution and fast development speed lead to higher ROI of any project.

UiPath solutions allow you to automate almost any user action on your computer, reducing the impact of human factor. The robot is able to work 24/7/365. It works without days off and sick leave, which allows the technology to pay off quickly.

UiPath allows you to simulate human actions. For example:

  • move the mouse pointer and click on the buttons;
  • enter/exit the WEB and Enterprise applications;
  • fill out forms;
  • receive, open & send emails;
  • move files and directories;
  • receive data from any source (PDF files, pictures, forms, and work with Word and Excel documents);
  • work with the database or API;
  • et cetera.