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Outsource document processing

Outsource Document Processing

The fact that large organizations are opening their own SSCs only emphasizes that most companies are increasingly willing to optimize the processes associated with documents. Introduction of electronic document circulation does not always mean reduction of quantity of paper documents. Your partners and contractors still send it to you in huge quantity, and work with them takes a lot of time. It is especially unpleasant when a highly paid employee is engaged in this task – his qualification could bring additional profit to the company. 

When the volume of incoming documents exceeds the company’s ability to process them, it is reasonable to consider outsourcing this function to an external service provider. Our document processing service has already freed many organizations from headaches. The ever-increasing flow of documents coming in for processing allows us to reduce the cost of processing one document.

In order to start working with us, it is important that we receive the following information from you:

What types of documents will you submit to us for processing?

Most often we receive accounting documents, such as certificates, consignments, invoices and other financial documents. These can also be procurement documents, contracts, HR-department documents. At the same time, we are ready to work with almost any structured and unstructured documents, provided that they meet our requirements for the quality of scanning.

How much time elapses between sending the scanned document and receiving the data in the system?

Usually, clients are not particularly concerned about the speed of data entry and two working days are enough, but if necessary, our infrastructure allows us to reduce this period to several hours. We carefully follow up on the implementation of agreements on this indicator, and therefore guarantee you to achieve the required timeframes.

What kind of tasks would you like to pass on to us?

The two simplest and most popular services are: “Stamp & Signature Document Search” and “Contract Verification”. The latter, for example, will allow you to automatically receive information about what data in the agreed and signed version of the contract has been changed, and both deleted and added. We are ready to discuss your requirements and, if necessary, provide advice on business process optimization.

In what format do you want to receive files at the output?

In most cases, there is a need to interact with the software that is used in your organization (for example, SAP or 1C). This means that you need more than just a recognized document at the output, but a file that will make it as easy as possible to transfer data to your business systems.

Processed documents can be transferred using one of the protocols selected by the customer, but it is also possible to directly upload processing results to your accounting system using robotic technologies (RPA) or by configuring integration.

Of course, we guarantee the security of your data and therefore sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Your employees transfer the scanned documents through a personal account on our web portal. This only requires basic computer and Internet skills.

In turn, your personal account has the ability to track the status of tasks and access the analytics. This function is often used by managers, who can literally within seconds get information about the number of processed documents for a selected period, as well as data on the amount of time spent on this. Based on your needs, we can advise you on the most appropriate rate to choose from and help you with your SLA.

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