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Smart Engines

Smart Engines company was founded in 2010 by leading scientists from Russian Academy of Sciences institutes in the field of image recognition and processing. Today the company has more than 45 employees from Russia, 18 of them having academic degrees. The unique team combines the Soviet school of science, advanced scientific approaches and professionalism.

Smart Engines conducts research in the following main areas:

  • Image Recognition and Processing
  • Machine learning
  • High-load systems
  • Video recognition
  • Algorithmic optimization

The company’s solutions are based on advanced scientific achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and provide customers with new opportunities for automation and business improvement. Smart Engines is the base organization for the Department of Cognitive Technology at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This department offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following areas: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Applied mathematics and physics. The students do internships combining study and research work with participation in IT projects of the company.

Hardware-software solution for documents scanning and recognition. There are two versions: SmartBox and SmartBox Light. In the Light version, the recognition takes place on your PC. The full version has a built-in computer with preinstalled software, which allows you to carry out recognition on the device itself and transfer results via USB protocol. 

Miotech has exclusive rights to sell the full version of SmartBox. 


  • Recognition of data from the Russian passport
  • Machine-readable zone identification of passport and visa documents
  • Detects borders and saves images of any A5 size documents (the working area (scanning zone) of the complex has the dimensions of 210×148 mm)
  • Exporting data in a specific format
  • Visual status indication and audible signalization of document processing completion
  • Firmware update
  • The complex is designed to recognize the personal information of a citizen in the document. It is a device with built-in software that allows you to recognize information and convert such information into the necessary format.
  • The complex provides connection to a PC via USB interface.
  • The complex does not require connection to data networks. The whole process of document recognition is performed inside the complex, without any access to external computing devices. 


  • In stationary conditions during registration of visitors, clients and population for automated input of passport data into various information systems (certification centers, checkpoints, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Self-service kiosks and terminals for the services that require processing of personal data (financial institutions, telecommunications, transportation, public services, multifunctional centers, etc.)
  • Mobile data entry systems for ticketing (intercity buses, sea and river transport, trains, etc.)

Smart ArchiveHelper – a set of technological solutions for creating electronic archives:

  • Scan and import documents;
  • Automatic document recognition and classification;
  • Image processing and optimization;
  • Preparation of document images for saving in the electronic archive. 

Advantages of Smart ArchiveHelper:

  • Intelligent image processing
  • Format standardization
  • Text recognition and conversion to PDF/A
  • Wide range of processing tools
  • Text recognition under seals and stamps
  • Working with multi-page documents

Smart ArchiveHelper can be used to build scalable server solutions for processing large volumes of documents.

Smart CardReader is a built-in solution for recognition of plastic, bank, discount cards in the video stream of a mobile device camera or a regular webcam.

Full card recognition cycle in the video stream in 1-1.5 seconds. 

Smart CardReader is used in the following areas:

  • Control systems for access to banking services.
  • Customer loyalty programs.
  • Sale of air and railway tickets.
  • E-commerce systems.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Bank operations.
  • Mobile payments.
  • Retail trade.

 Advantages of Smart CardReader:

  • Recognition of embossed cards and indent-printing
  • Productivity
  • Recognition speed
  • Recognition of all types of data
  • High accuracy of recognition
Smart IDReader is a solution for quick recognition of identity and ownership documents with cameras and mobile device scanners.

The full cycle of document recognition in the video stream, starting from the “show” the passport to the camera and ending with the result, is 1-2 seconds.

Recognition of identity documents and property rights: passport of the Russian Federation, driver’s licenses, SNILS, vehicle registration certificate, Russian visas, international visas.

Identification of visual control zone of ID-cards of the countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire, etc.

Recognition of the machine-readable zone according to the ICAO Document 9303 standard with the most common variations (France, Moldova, Russia). 

Smart IDReader is actively used in the spheres:

  • Ensuring state security and migration control.
  • Provision of antiterrorist activities.
  • Ensuring access control to critical facilities and events.
  • Sale and registration of air and railway tickets.
  • Migration control and tourism (hotel reservations and registrations).
  • Banking and insurance activities.
  • Mobile payments.
  • Retail and electronic commerce.
  • Delivery and postal services. 

Advantages of Smart IDReader:

  • Unique recognition technologies in the video stream, in low resolutions, in conditions of high noise of the image.
  • Fast methods of document localization and identification in low resolutions.
  • Methods of syntax and geometric integration of recognition results.
  • Support for all major platforms.
  • Deep algorithmic and software optimization of image processing methods for target hardware platforms allowed to achieve the passport recognition rate of 0.06 s/frame.
  • Autonomous work in the absence of connection to the server.

We can offer the individual development of recognition systems. In contrast to other products, custom systems allow you to retrieve the necessary text information from any objects: cards, car license plates, cars, transport documents (tickets, waybills, traveler’s checks, etc.), counter readings, payment documents (receipts, invoices), etc.

Advantages of custom-designed recognition systems:

  • Individual approach to each task, development and implementation of an automated system taking into account unique business processes, in accordance with the IT strategy of the company.
  • Maximum compliance of the solution functionality with the company’s tasks and business processes.
  • Possibilities of scaling up and changing the functionality of the system taking into account new requirements of business and legislation.
  • Implementation of a custom-made system is often accompanied by close integration of already existing IT application systems.
  • Re-engineering of outdated OCR systems by transferring them to new platforms and technologies, including accumulated data migration.

When creating an OCR for mobile applications, all computations are performed directly on the device in real time, without an Internet connection.

Custom development of recognition systems includes:

  • Conducting a survey of the company’s IT processes, defining functional requirements, preparing terms of reference.
  • Designing, development, commissioning and technical support.
  • Integration with existing IT systems and services.
  • Testing and launching.
  • Software documentation.
  • User trainings.
  • Technical support and development of IT solutions.

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Application for implementation

Completed projects

One of the first projects of our company. We have increased the speed of execution of additional medical insurance by reducing the time it takes to process paper identity documents
The largest project for telecommunications, the full cycle of work with electronic and paper documents, the transition to an internal paperless workflow with the employees of the Megafon's SSC leads the top three in terms of efficiency
It is not for nothing that the general service center in Metalloinvest is called MKS (in Russian this name has the same acronym as an ISS - International Space Station) - the project turned out to be the cosmic one! Automatic wiring, contract designer, robots - and much more.
Nornickel is a leader for its industry in digitalization matters. Contract management, EDMS, electronic office, advanced analytics and many other solutions are part of the working toolset to improve the company's efficiency.
Rosneft Group is our longstanding partner. The automated control center in Saratov, the automatic posting in the accounting system, are all our common achievements. Now the procurement site has become one of the first recipients of our service on outsourcing of incoming documents processing.
The largest international project in the field of clothing sales. Its peculiarity was working with documents from international suppliers, including Chinese invoices.