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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The efficiency of a company’s activities depends not only on its management style, but also on how information is shared between departments and individual employees.  

Managers often want to understand why the current levels of customer satisfaction, personnel efficiency and costs differ from those predicted? How much time is spent on manual work, how uninterrupted the workflow is, how long does the search for necessary information by employees take? Answering these questions will help to understand what form the company is in and what tools are needed to streamline processes. 

Effective work within a large organization is related to documentation and how to work with it. Incoming documents may be different in appearance and may come from different sources. Those could be paper documents, emails, attached text documents, tables, reports, drawings etc. 

As a rule, introduction of document circulation not only adds an order of the company, but also positively affects the relation with partners and customers, and, as consequence, renders positive influence on its place in the market.

Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) defines ECM as strategies, methods and tools used to collect, manage, store and distribute documents and content related to the organization’s processes. 

When using ECM, it only takes a few clicks to send a document or link to it to your colleague. You can add notes and annotations to your documents, as well as highlight important information in color. 

By opening one document you can easily access all related documents. For example, you can open an invoice, a payment order or a bill of lading for this order from the viewing window of a previously issued invoice. 

ECM is responsible for the automation of business activities, which results in more efficient work of employees. The digitization of documents makes their movement within the organisation transparent and facilitates the exchange process itself, regardless of the employee’s location.  

Text recognition technologies enable faster processing of documents and input of the data they contain into corporate systems. This makes ECM an excellent addition to ERP, CRM and other systems in your organization. 

Advanced search algorithms reduce the time it takes to get the information you need. Whereas it used to take minutes or even hours to find the right document, with ECM technology the time to solve this issue is counted in seconds. The document entered into the system contains metadata, which makes it easy to find. Users can search from where it is convenient for them to do it, and when it is necessary.  

A set of predefined rules will allow you to formalize the movement of an electronic document across your organization. Besides, it is possible to allocate access rights: certain groups of users can be denied access at all, or you can leave the possibility to view the document without making changes. The history of the document contains information that will allow you to determine who made changes to it, when and how. 

The letter “E” in ECM is responsible for Enterprise. When deployed in one unit, the system can be scaled to other units or the entire enterprise. 

All of this allows you to reduce the time and cost involved, as well as the number of document errors that occur. At the same time, the transparency of business processes and the efficiency of personnel are increased, which should satisfy the company’s management. 

Application for implementation

Completed projects

One of the first projects of our company. We have increased the speed of execution of additional medical insurance by reducing the time it takes to process paper identity documents
The largest project for telecommunications, the full cycle of work with electronic and paper documents, the transition to an internal paperless workflow with the employees of the Megafon's SSC leads the top three in terms of efficiency
It is not for nothing that the general service center in Metalloinvest is called MKS (in Russian this name has the same acronym as an ISS - International Space Station) - the project turned out to be the cosmic one! Automatic wiring, contract designer, robots - and much more.
Nornickel is a leader for its industry in digitalization matters. Contract management, EDMS, electronic office, advanced analytics and many other solutions are part of the working toolset to improve the company's efficiency.
Rosneft Group is our longstanding partner. The automated control center in Saratov, the automatic posting in the accounting system, are all our common achievements. Now the procurement site has become one of the first recipients of our service on outsourcing of incoming documents processing.
The largest international project in the field of clothing sales. Its peculiarity was working with documents from international suppliers, including Chinese invoices.