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Process Mining

Process Mining

Nowadays, IT systems are implemented in almost all processes of the organization. Some generate gigabytes of analytical information, others just leave a digital footprint in your infrastructure, but all together it turns into Big Data. Most companies still do not understand how to use the large amounts of structured and unstructured information to improve their business. According to Christoph Grosbayer, head of product marketing at Celonis, the key to improving operational efficiency is the transparency of these data. 

He compares the search for relevant information using BI (Business Intelligence) tools with the search for a needle in a haystack. At the same time, Process Mining allows you to see the entire haystack and focus on the largest needles in it. In real time, this allows you to see on your computer screen exactly those processes that have the greatest impact on your business, as well as to detect bottlenecks in them. 

Process Mining reduces the time employees spend preparing reports for management. It does this much faster than Excel, Access or BI tools. In addition, Process Mining makes them more open to understanding. This approach not only shows in which direction a particular indicator is moving, but also provides the answer to the question “Why are these indicators moving in a particular direction?“. 

Usually specialists who conduct interviews with employees are involved in business process research. In addition, they analyze the data on the user’s actions on the computer, performed during the whole working day. All this makes it possible to understand how the process works. The increase of efficiency achieved due to automation of these procedures with the help of Process Mining technology allows to reduce time and financial costs. The result of this saving will be reasonably directed to optimization and changes in the studied business processes. Also, automation of the whole process allows to get rid of subjectivity of consultants and interviewees. 

In turn, a timely analysis of customer experience allows you to make products and services better. Process Mining helped Vodafone, which at that time served more than 530 million customers worldwide, to achieve success in South Africa. Prior to the introduction of this technology, they had a very low rate of timely payment for communication services, but after the use of Process Mining they managed to raise it to the world average. 


Application for implementation

Completed projects

One of the first projects of our company. We have increased the speed of execution of additional medical insurance by reducing the time it takes to process paper identity documents
The largest project for telecommunications, the full cycle of work with electronic and paper documents, the transition to an internal paperless workflow with the employees of the Megafon's SSC leads the top three in terms of efficiency
It is not for nothing that the general service center in Metalloinvest is called MKS (in Russian this name has the same acronym as an ISS - International Space Station) - the project turned out to be the cosmic one! Automatic wiring, contract designer, robots - and much more.
Nornickel is a leader for its industry in digitalization matters. Contract management, EDMS, electronic office, advanced analytics and many other solutions are part of the working toolset to improve the company's efficiency.
Rosneft Group is our longstanding partner. The automated control center in Saratov, the automatic posting in the accounting system, are all our common achievements. Now the procurement site has become one of the first recipients of our service on outsourcing of incoming documents processing.
The largest international project in the field of clothing sales. Its peculiarity was working with documents from international suppliers, including Chinese invoices.