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Robotic process automation (RPA)

According to Gartner, 19% of companies use RPA robots. By 2020, the number of robots is expected to increase to 73%. Robots are designed to free people from routine tasks. They are able to perform the same actions as an ordinary computer user: to enter data, make decisions based on predetermined rules, perform calculations, use office applications, read and fill databases. 

Usually robots accelerate those processes which are a bottle neck in business model of the company. For this reason, they are used to perform tasks such as: the implementation of mailing lists, conversion of data from one format to another, read data from scanned documents.  

Sometimes the robot can be 10-15 times faster than a human being. This means that one minute of robot’s work can free up to 15 minutes of an employee working time. The transfer of routine work to robots allows the company to free itself from the staff expanding. 

Types of robots 

  • Attended Robots – run from the user’s computer whose processes are automated. 
  • Unattended Robots are standalone and therefore do not require human intervention; run on a scheduled server with predefined access rights. 
  • Hybrid is a mixed type. 

Usually one robot license implies one simultaneous process. If the processes do not need to be simultaneous, they can be assigned to one robot to run them sequentially. Thus, even one robot can work 24/7/365. At the same time, the robot does not get sick, tired, distracted by telephone conversations and coffee and, as a consequence, is not mistaken 

Application for implementation

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Completed projects

One of the first projects of our company. We have increased the speed of execution of additional medical insurance by reducing the time it takes to process paper identity documents
The largest project for telecommunications, the full cycle of work with electronic and paper documents, the transition to an internal paperless workflow with the employees of the Megafon's SSC leads the top three in terms of efficiency
It is not for nothing that the general service center in Metalloinvest is called MKS (in Russian this name has the same acronym as an ISS - International Space Station) - the project turned out to be the cosmic one! Automatic wiring, contract designer, robots - and much more.
Nornickel is a leader for its industry in digitalization matters. Contract management, EDMS, electronic office, advanced analytics and many other solutions are part of the working toolset to improve the company's efficiency.
Rosneft Group is our longstanding partner. The automated control center in Saratov, the automatic posting in the accounting system, are all our common achievements. Now the procurement site has become one of the first recipients of our service on outsourcing of incoming documents processing.
The largest international project in the field of clothing sales. Its peculiarity was working with documents from international suppliers, including Chinese invoices.