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UiPath RPA

UiPath RPA

UiPath founded in Romania in 2005, currently has a leading position in the market according to the major analytical agencies. It is located in the upper right corner the Gartner Quadrant (Q2, 2019) and the Forrester wave (Q2, 2018).

What does the UiPath platform consist of?

UiPath Studio

The studio is a visual design environment that does not require programming skills. UiPath Studio is very similar to MS Visio or any other diagram and flowchart editor. It is based on .NET and the Microsoft Workflow Foundation. Automated processes can be built using Drag-and-drop technology.

UiPath Orchestrator

Robot control and management center. Orchestrator is a web-based platform that allows robots to be monitored, managed remotely, and centrally planned. Analytics is available through the creation of customizable reports, as well as ElasticSearch and Kibana dashboards.

UiPath Robots

Perform the processes developed in UiPath Studio in the same way as an ordinary user would perform them.

  • Attended robots share a workspace with the user and work on the same PC. Run manually or automatically (e.g. according to a schedule or after a certain event). Recommended when manual input is required or when strict scheduling is not applicable.
  • Unattended robots do not require manual launch. They automate processes in virtual or remote environments. From a software point of view, an unlimited number of robots can be run on a single server. The limitation is the resources allocated by the server operating system.

Are we sure we want to talk about this?

UiPath has its own online academy: academy.uipath.com. At the moment there are English courses for analysts and developers. At the same time, it has been announced that Russian language courses will be available. Training is free of charge, and if you complete it by the end of 2019, the certificate will not cost you a cent.

Very soon there will be a Russified version of the product from UiPath, but there are already Russian-speaking employees on the first line of technical support.